One that would lay down his life to protect the lives of others.
Some will die but many will live. A hero a soldier.
by Gilbert P May 30, 2008
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Strips of toast to dip in a soft-boiled egg.
At the restaurant: "May I have a soft-boiled egg with soldiers, please?"
by Rubin S. November 16, 2006
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1. A group of fighting men, used in war, having different tasks (infantry, pilots, demolition, etc).

2. When used while not talking about war (and this will be obvious), can mean, "cum", "sperm", and/or "semen". Normally used with "marching".
1. Those American Soldiers are the Marines; they are tough-as-nails.

2. -Dude, his soldiers arent marching. That really sucks! (Said man cannot cum)
-I hadn't jacked off in a while, so my soldiers were plenty marching last night, all over that stripper!("I" Could cum)
by TehCRUSADER January 30, 2008
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a man who readily and willingly takes care of his woman. a man who also protects and supports his woman regardless of whether it messes up his "big-boy" stance.
A real man
I'm sick of all these silly men, i need a soldier to take care of me.
by Toucynn July 6, 2005
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The act of marching through an opposing gangs turf.
We're just gonna go soldiering through The Orphans.
by K Dizz April 29, 2006
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Inner-city individual, not neccessarily a criminal or gang member, but someone influential, with street cred, and in general desirable socially. Comes from the 60's nick-name for young black panthers(a politically-minded para-military organization) movement members.
James takes care of his friends & family, he knows all the right people to talk to when they get themselves in trouble...he's a soldier.
by Bogart December 23, 2004
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a mindless sheep that does what its told, often given more credit than they deserve
i dont know what i want to do with my life, so i became a soldier
by brandong83 April 28, 2007
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