A term for a damp and crazy young white woman. Normally originating from southern california. The dampness occurs from rain primarily. A soggs will not sleep in their own bed, and is normally affected greatly by limited amounts of alcohol.
Man Soggs is crazy. Or look at this Soggs she is going crazy.
by BrutherLuther November 24, 2010
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SOGG, are the Good Gents in high standing with the Crazy Knights and the Temple of the Lidless Eye. The Society of Good Gents is a club and forum for those who know. They are what was called "Johnsons" back in the first half of the 20th century. If you don't know they aint gonna tell you, so F.A.T.S.
by SOGG July 13, 2010
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My mates awesome homebrew piss..
Damn bra, was so shit faced last night on Soggs grog, I have no idea how the fark I got home!!
by Mick Fodge June 06, 2018
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When something is really wet, grotty and soggy.

For example: When it rains at a British festival and everything gets super grotty and soggy - bare grotty soggs
Just fell over in a bare grotty soggs puddle and now I'm bare grotty soggs.
by Arp August 14, 2014
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Another name for vaping, using an e-cigarette, or 'chucking fat clouds'. A term mostly used by teenagers and young adults when talking with other people who vape.
Yo. Lets go rip a sogg bro.
by Pe@rL December 13, 2017
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