A person who is rejected by the Engineering community, due to a dispute over whether software engineering is really engineering, despite the fact that software engineers don't purely write code and actually are taught other aspects of engineering.
John (Mech Eng): Hey Jim, what do you do for a living?
Jim: I'm a software engineer.
John: Nerd!
Jim: Yeah? Well this nerd wrote the program for the flight computer of the aircraft you are designing, as well as the program you used to design it. Lazy ass.
John: Meehheeh fucker. *Aside* (Dude I wish I make as much as he does. All these stupid fucking problems I did and all I get for it is to be made fun of by a rather sexy man actually.)
by LUENGSTUDENT March 9, 2011
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Someone with big brains and who works his freaking tail off and is going to be (or has already been) laid off, just to be replaced by some low-life and low-wage counterpart in india, so greedy corporations can increase their margins and offer a crapper service.
IBM announces it creates 1,500 new Software Engineering jobs (but they don't disclose it's in freaking india or china).
by MaxCool February 8, 2004
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One who both designs and codes commercial computer programs. It combines the specialties of system analyst and programmer. The term is denigrated by "professional" engineers because there are no licensing or standards boards. Anyone can call himself a Software Engineer.
Our software development project went very smoothly because the software engineers were fully involved from the initial specifications through product completion and testing.
by Eric Jensen January 31, 2004
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Software Engineer is a professional that uses Software Engineering and all of its engineering principals during all phases of software development. Too bad this was only achieved once in all of recorded history.
That hacker called himself a software enginer.
That coder thinks she is a software engineer.
Those programmer wishes they were software engineers.
I am the only software engineer I know that is why we don't have a union.
by joepa February 18, 2004
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Software engineering is the application of science
to consistently produce software based systems
that are acceptable against the needed criteria
(reliability, maintainability, security, safety,
efficiency, usability) in a cost effective way.
by Matt Sharpe February 5, 2004
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Someone who lives in China or India and works 24 hours a day for 100s of time less than any american.
Maheshkumar is quite the software engineer.
by Brother Bryan February 1, 2004
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A self grandiose term to describe an industry which actually has no engineering foundations. Often filled with examples of Dunning Kruger, Conway's Law, Narcissism and Elitism.
Software engineers rule the world through software engineering.
by mactel March 13, 2017
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