The Australian word for pussy. It can be used affectionately, but it often an insult. Not be be confused for mad, weak or sick cunt.
*Watches chic flic*
*Oi, are you crying?*
*God, don't be such a soft cunt*
by plssendhelp May 09, 2015
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Someone who is emotionally weak or over sensitive
Wyatt's being a soft cunt by telling people she misses them
by Substrerch November 03, 2015
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Someone who isn't 'onto' it, doesn't understand something or things in general.
'wah ya soft cunt' 'what u upto ya soft cunt' 'SOFT CUNT!' 'urr ya soft cunt'
by ARMS March 29, 2005
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The Aussie word 4 sum 1 who is a PUSSY! Can't take shit.... you could blow them and they'd fly a hundrd Fucken years away..... Softy prick
my fag friend james (professional soft cunt).... I call him sandwich....... Because I ate his cock like a sandwich
by Arabian Sperm Bank July 16, 2015
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someone who is useless when it comes to handling themselves
Stop being a soft cunt DB
by Biglad92 October 02, 2021
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