A word used to define a person that lived in the biblical city of Sodom which was then destroyed by god due to the fact that the men living in Sodom spent 90% of their time buttfucking each other. in modern times the word "Sodomite" refers to the residents of any city on the West Coast of the United States.
The fucking Sodomites of San Francisco have completely used up the West Coast supply of Vasoline.
by big daddy sausage head February 20, 2006
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a word derived from the biblical town of sodom, heavily laden with connotations of homosexual immorality.

in its original context the word referred to any form of sexual activity not including heterosexual vaginal intercourse. it thus included masturbation and any form of oral sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual. however, judeo-christian moralists co-opted the term as part of their long standing persecution and demonisation of homosexuality, and, rightly or wrongly, the term has now come to refer almost exclusively to gay anal sex.
strictly speaking, we're either celibate or sodomites.
by stumpy April 2, 2004
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Originally meaning a citizen of the inhospitable biblical city of Sodom, has been extended over the centuries to mean a homosexual. Such famous Sodomites include Oscar Wilde and Lot.
"I like being a Sodomite ...a Lot!"
"Oh, very witty, Wilde!"
by James March 17, 2004
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a person who recieves penis rectally
for a good time call me bill the sodomite 6264103630
by Bill Gay December 11, 2006
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A guy who likes penis in the anus passage.
Prabhat is a pure sodomite,he likes it when his anus is being fucked by a huge penis
by Batgirl666111 April 16, 2019
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Adjective referring to an activity pertaining to or akin to sodmomy.
Pledge spanking is so sodomitic (Animal House - 1978)
by Sodomitic Clown February 26, 2012
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One who "Rams" "Objects" or "Organisms" "Up" "Their" "Ass" or simply that guy who watches you in your sleep... Man! He's a Sodomite!
DAMNIT SODOMITE! Did I not tell you this isn't James Joyce's House?! Just go! He's free-of-charge!
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