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Someone who participates in online dating regularly, particularly in mmo's. They cannot achieve a relationship irl and must resort to this. They can often be seen spreading their cancer by spamming their skype status with quotes from each other and lots of hearts. If there is any emotes ingame that expresses "love" they will use it. Including carry, kissing animations, ect. They are often fat and gay irl and this e-date will never get anywhere.
Skype status:
E-dater 1: I love you E-dater 2 *insert (inlove) skype emote*
by 1v1memecraft February 15, 2015
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n. A person, usually a male who 'dates' people over the internet, text or other virtual media. Usually lacks a real girlfriend (but not plenty of flesh-lights)
Man, after his divorce my dad is such an e-dater!
by fllpunk October 23, 2008
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