Someone who is acting like a complete ass. A person who won't listen to reason and is mostly off in their own glorious, little world.
I can't believe that she actually did that. What a sody!
by A. Woo May 29, 2006
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Excuse me sir, your Sodi is weak, please stand another few feet away from me.
by Sodilife March 31, 2020
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Any alcoholic beverage, but usually a synonym to the word beer.
Hey Chris, grab me a sodie out of the cooler.

Let's get together tonight and crush some sodies.

Holy man, you sure were sodied last night!! How many sodies did you enjoy?
by Dizz Nutts March 5, 2013
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Sodi, short for Sodium, is that tricky trickster of an element.
You start looking for it as an S or So then you realise it's Na.
Then your world is turned upside down.
And you fail chemistry.
Ey Allison, can you find sodi?
'Na' I can't, sorry TashaLad.
by clubpenguinfun June 3, 2016
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In the south and southwest, sodie pop could be any carbonated beverage.
by timcraigl January 16, 2012
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A fat drink that includes a large label at Papa bless'
I want some sodi pops
by Big milk jug December 24, 2018
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The alcoholic drink of your choice that you drink in the car you as you drive to the bar or nightclub. A form of pregaming.
We made ourselves road sodies then got in the car and drove down to the bar for some more drinks.
by Chris Akers January 3, 2008
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