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The Chicago elevated rail system and the biggest piece of junk in the world. Trains are slow, stops are located two blocks apart, trains stop in the middle of the track for no apparent reason and stay there for 5 minutes, stations are old, dirty and disgunting, the fare keeps going up, every once in a while trains crash. There are about 5 stops on different lines with the name "Western" and this could lead to confusion. The stop called "Central" is nowhere near Chicago's downtown. Many of the stations are elevated and don't have stair or escalator access, causing you to have to walk a shitload of steps. Luckily, the crappiness of the system means trains are rarely, if ever, overcrowded.
Tear down that piece of shit and bury it underground, where I at least don't have to look it at it on my way to work.
by Nutmegger February 15, 2004
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A taxi driver in any city, not necessarily New York. In NYC, hack can also refer to a livery cab driver (cabs that drive in bad neighborhoods where taxis usually don't).
The TV show Hack takes place in Philadelphia.
by Nutmegger February 14, 2004
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When a Harvard student or graduate casually mentions his affiliation with Harvard, usually in an attempt to impress people at a party or other social gathering.
Timmy dropped an H-bomb and the girls were all over him at the Tufts party.
by Nutmegger November 11, 2003
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About as far away as you can go and still stay in the Lower 48. There is an obsession with kings there, with the now destroyed Kingdome, the fact Seattle is in King County, and KING-TV. Of course, the king of the world, Bill Gates, who partly contributed to this and every other entry on this page, lives near Seattle, in Medina.
by Nutmegger February 13, 2004
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A pocket document (document you can stick in your pocket). Examples include passport, driver's license, social security card...
Daddy, don't forget your pockuments when going to work.
by Nutmegger October 5, 2003
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Pronounced by Spanish-speaking people as Nueva Hershey.
Let's go to Hershey City. It is in Nueva Hershey. We can see the Nueva York skyline from there.
by Nutmegger September 24, 2003
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