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A youtuber who pretends to care about something wrong they did in a video, even though they lokey don't give a fuck about what they did so they make a video called "So sorry"

After the youtuber "apologizes" they get a cup of orange juice and then they go on there phone and search youtube and pretend everyone forgives him even though he has 2M+ dislikes.

If you wanna be this guy here are some PewDiePie tips:
(1) Shift Blame
(2) Bring up Death threats
(3) Play the victim
Youtube notifications: Logan Paul uploaded "So Sorry."
Me and everyone: "So he finally apologized, It may actually be a good apology"
Logal Paul: (Legit looks like someone wrote down what he was suppose to say)
Lokey everybody: "Meme time"
by Galicianfox December 20, 2020
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flippant response to a remark that offends someone, indicating that they are not sorry and it is not their problem anymore.
so sorry I broke your heart and grounded my boot into the wound
by bullet88 September 15, 2011
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SoSorry is an amazing politoon series with characters such as Narendra, Rahul, and Sonia. the series has a very complicated plot, and none of the episodes connect in any way. SoSorry has very high quality animation that nobody else can beat. The characters are loveable and the plot is interesting. All you need to know is that Narendra is sometimes a total dick, while other times he is an awesome dude. The Man of All Seasons makes an appearance in the series as well. The only thing that is shown regarding The Man of All Seasons is that he has some sick shades! SoSorry is watched by people all over the world, and there are many episodes to binge!
Hey bro, you seen the new episode of SoSorry?
Yeah man, I loved seeing Narendra with the tiger!
by Fumetsu Fox January 21, 2021
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