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When one sneezes and nuts at the same time time, thus performing a "snut"
One day I was sick and I fucked my girl and I snutted onto her tits!
by Lydian Jannotta November 10, 2016
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When someone does not know what is going on, but wants to look or feel smart.
This exam is so snut.
That boy is such a snut.
by Innocent Devil December 09, 2005
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An attempt to appear knowledgeable when, in fact, you are clueless.

Can be used as a descriptor or as a verb
"I find the whole debate between evolutionary theory and Intelligent design all very snut"

In regards to someone who snuts alot "That guy is a snut"

Used as a verb "Yeah, I wanted to try that R. Kelly thing, but it was my first time giving a golden shower, so I just snutted my way though the whole thing"
by .Park. January 04, 2006
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A smore which is made with peanut butter instead of chocolate. There is a snut variation known as a chocolate snut which is a regular smore with peanut butter.
by KingDaveForever May 26, 2013
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