The act of intercourse in a Snuggie in which you can only talk dirty with a British accent.
Would you like to engage in a raucous night of snuggery?

Sorry love, I already rubbed one out.
by qmillionaire November 9, 2011
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A snuggery is a place where one can read. It's an area where you can have time in peace and quiet to enjoy a book. It can be as big or small as you like.
by Little doggos March 29, 2020
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The effect of several people in one place wearing snuggies who will, despite their best efforts, ultimately look like members of a cult
Those guys at the bus stop were victims of snuggery
by psychopunk84 February 18, 2010
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"Sometimes they'll ask me, 'what do you call it female genitalia?' And I'll say, well my favorite is the snuggery...And then they crack up, because it's such a feminine, funny word."

(From an interview with a phone-sex operator that turned up in a sociolinguistics text.)
by fesak July 23, 2010
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A form of a forced breeding kink that takes place in the context of a snuggery threesome. The kink involves several layers of power play stacked together as the man is able to role-play that his dick is so powerful that not only can he permanently alter a woman's body with it, nor is it just that he is able to do so over her protests but that his dick is so powerful that another woman wants to serve as a human sex toy to prepare the first girl for her breeding. This kink is multiplicatively more objectifying than any of the three separate kinks/fantasies of breeding, cnc and the mff threesome that comprise it and thus requires A LOT OF COMMUNICATION BEFORE AND AFTERCARE FOLLOWING. Furthermore this a kink where the idea of YKINMK is very likely to apply given the intense nature of it.
Fanny: Wow there is something extremely sexy about being on the receiving end of a snuggery breeding.
Naomi: Really what is it like?
Fanny: Well not only do I have to submit to Jack's reprogrammer as he breeds me but I also get to pretend that he is so dominant that Alice will eat me out and finger me so that I am wet and horny enough to be bred. Then to have my mouth be turned into a tool that is meant to please her pussy while Jack breeds me makes me feel extremely submissive that I can't help but cum.
by IshtarsSon September 21, 2023
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A mff threesome that involves an assisted form of cnc. The idea is that one woman pretends to be an accomplice with the goal of luring the other girl who is roleplaying the victim to the guy's place before restraining her and warming her up through fingering and eating her out so the guy can use her. The girl who played the role of the accomplice then gets to ride the other girl's face as a reward from her master. Named after the chamber Jack uses in the Victorian Erotica "The Way of a Man with a Maid" . Extreme power fantasy as the guy gets to roleplay that his cock is so powerful that it will cause one girl to sacrifice another girl to it. Please note that this is only fantasy and is only to be done after EXTENSIVE COMMUNICATION AND PRE-NEGOTIATION with everyone involved. Also with such an intense fantasy GOOD AFTERCARE IS A MUST.
Alice: Wow that snuggery threesome was intense but I loved it. It was a weird combination of being so submissive to Jack that I helped him dominate Fanny.
by IshtarsSon September 20, 2023
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