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Sleeping with an individual with which one of your friends has had intercourse, the act of becoming eskimo brothers.
Damn, my boy was trashed last night and had intercourse with Stephanie, my ex. We are now eskimo brothers. He snowshoed me! Snowshoeing
by Snowshoegod June 03, 2018
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the act of cumming into a women's vagina and proceeding to stick your foot in her pussy and squish the gizz and pussy juice between your toes.
Dude was snow shoeing Brittany last night, and let me tell you it was some hotsnow.
by red chickens June 17, 2008
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When someone with small feet inserts them in the ass of two people and then “walks” or makes them crawl. It is similar to fisting but far more technical.
Gail went to an S & M party and went snowshoeing with two bears.
by Tom March 24, 2004
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