People who are easily offended by someone actions (even when it's a joke).
Mike: Basketball sucks!
by Justaguy200 September 10, 2020
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A snowflake is a little bitch that gets offended by anything, even when they say "Its a joke" or "calm the fuck down".
Me: The 9/11 victims were the fastest readers bc they read 80 stories in 10 seconds.

Me: Its a joke btw.
Julissa: Ugh ur so mean and disrespectful. Im so sad rn, look what u did.
Me: Im not disrespectful, u just a snowflake.
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by No_Need_4_A_Name October 07, 2020
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Most commonly used by right wing individuals to describe people who take offense to things that they say that have been normalized to be considered offensive. Due to the current climate aimed at respecting all people, words that were once overseen as insults are most commonly seen in situation where the “snowflake” would call out the right wing person such as ‘retard’.
“Are you fucking retarded?!”
“Hey man! That’s a slur bro you can’t say that”

“Stop being such a snowflake, people are so sensitive nowadays”
by Connor’sButthole October 02, 2020
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When one gets a skin peel and sheds for 3-4 days. Friends may call one a “snowflake” as you shed “snow” (in this case skin) whilst standing in place.

People with pale skin are more high risk for snowflake characteristics.
Oh hey, how was your chemical peel? You are shedding like a snowflake!
by Nieze2020 June 18, 2020
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Snowflake is a term used by sensitive people when they want to call other people sensitive
The people that use "Snowflake" in an argument either have nothing else to say because their argument was weak in the first place
Some people also call someone a snowflake when they have said something offensive, played it off as a joke, and then got sensitive when people called them out for it
Person1: what do you call a fat girl with a rape whistle- optimistic

Person2: dude, you aren't fucking funny. your joke isn't even original

Person1: shut the hell up you dumbass snowflake, go home and cry to your momma

Person2: ah, there it is. "Snowflake"

Person1: fuck you, you sensitive whore. Go fill your holes you cum bucket, I hope you get fucking raped
by Ha.Ha September 12, 2020
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Basically a Snowflake is a sensitive, emotional little bitch that can’t take a joke. Kind of like a wuss, or a ‘pussy’. They will get very sensitive over things such as a dark humor joke.
Dumbass #1: *Makes dark humor joke*
Bitch Ass Snowflake: “Come on man it’s not cool to say things like that.”
Dumbass #1: “Don’t be such a Snowflake”
Dumbass #2: “Yea your being such a Flake (Shortened term for Snowflake) right now”
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by Unheard of D January 07, 2021
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