A male dry orgasm. When a guy comes but doesn't ejaculate.
I did a threesome with my girl and her friend. I fucked so many times that the last time I orgasmed it was a dry cum.
by Chenzo Maxima April 23, 2008
It is when you jack off and before you cum ,you squeeze your dick hard so the load does not spread anywhere. It is usually done when there are no paper tissues or you are being a lazy turd.
Oh fuck, I am out of tissues. I better use that dry cumming technique so I don't wet nana's bed.
by Chelero July 19, 2016
- noun
The viscid, whitish fluid produced in the male reproductive organs that has been released and has become free from moisture, drained or evaporated away.
Me: Hey Jay, whose cum dry is this?

Jay: Oh shit, I thought that was the dry rub I just put on the bbq.
by qualat February 7, 2010