A penis used in the form of writing in the snow while urinating.
I wrote “I love you” in the snow to my mom the other day with my snow pen.
by agotaras2000 October 27, 2022
It means in Swedish "Runkar Snoppen" or when translated to english "Jerking Off", which is not really a direct or perfect translation but you get the point right?
Guy 1: Hey can you say i like to Run Car Snow Pen a guy.
Guy 2:Ok??? I like to Run Car Snow Pen a guy.
Guy 1: HA you fucking gay.
by Captain Slav1 October 15, 2020
A combination of english words that are very funny in swedish. It translates to jerking off your penis. It's a wordcombination that kids in Sweden learn in elementary school, and it's used to jockeboi prank your friends.
Can you say 'run car snow pen', fast a couple of times?

Run car snow pen, runka snow pen, runkar snoppen!
by anna anka May 5, 2020
If you say it in sweden it would sound like "Masturbating the dick"
Tourist: Run car snow pen

Swedish Emil: NIIIIIICE
by FLT KING May 9, 2017
A joke so dirty, only Swedes can understand
Ey dude can you say: 🏃🏼🚗❄️✏️?
Run car snow pen?
by Anonymus 1975 December 11, 2016