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The portion of the porcelain toilet rim that is exposed by a u- shaped toilet seat.

In public places (or dirty homes with a u-shaped toilet seat) the area of the toilet rim that dried up pee, and lone pubic hair escapees gather.
Every time I take a poop in public, and I wipe, my arm hits the piss rim!!!


Last night, I was so drunk. I threw up so hard I held onto the piss rim for dear life!!!
by agotaras2000 October 26, 2022
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Person 1: Yo, I had some bob ass wop vittles last night!

Person 2: You couldn’t just say you had pizza?
by agotaras2000 October 28, 2022
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A positive term for Chinese cuisine served in America.
Person 1: What do you have for lunch today Ian?

Person 2: I have a bowl of some chinchow!

Person 1: I’m so jealous right now…
by agotaras2000 October 26, 2022
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A large mess both situational, and physical. Inspired by Greg Gory from Alt 98.5’s The Woody Show based out of L.A.
How was your date last night?

Oh, it was agregoryous!
by agotaras2000 October 26, 2022
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When a person is high on marijuana, but is still a complete asshole.
Person 1: Man you can tell Joe is high as hell tonight!

Person 2: Yeah, he’s slinging insults at everyone cause he’s a such a pothole!
by agotaras2000 November 1, 2022
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Joe: How was your date last night?

Tim: Terrible! Come to find out Judy is a deezly princess!

Joe: DAYUM!!!!
by agotaras2000 December 9, 2022
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An person of Italian descent that has dreadlocks.
Person 1: What the hell happened to Mario’s hair?

Person 2: His Italian ass is sportin garlic knots cause he’s a fakin Jamaican!
by agotaras2000 November 2, 2022
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