A T-Shirt company that advertises on Urban Dictionary quite often. They use unoriginal jokes, like Jason (the chainsaw killer) looking at a calender that says "Friday the 12th."

Oh, how funny.

Anyway, they try to promote their business by featuring all their shirts dressed on girls with large breasts.
I saw another Snorg Tees ad today. It just showed a girl with huge boobs wearing a shirt that said "if zombies are coming, I'm tripping you." Really a turn-off, despite the huge boobs.
by plain goldfish January 25, 2011
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A shirt company that thinks that having women with large titties modeling their t-shirts will justify the fact of how mindnumbingly not funny the shirts themselves are.
Person surfing UD: Wow look at the rack on that one! Nice, but its still not enticing enough for me to even consider purchasing one of those Snorgtees shirts. What a bad sales gimmick.
by Snorgtitties December 06, 2011
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The reason I get a boner every time I go on Urban Dictionary.
I was looking at definitions on Urban Dictionary earlier, and the ads for Snorgtees kept coming up with really hot girls in skimpy shorts. I could only look at 2 definitions before running in to choke the chicken.
by Boxcar69 March 18, 2013
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1) Chances are, there's an ad to your right showing some fugly, flat-chested girl wearing some stupid looking t-shirt with some gay ass punchline on them. At the bottom it'll say SnorgTees... those shirts are pretty retarded huh?

2) Shirts that Soulja Boy and his gay ass fans should wear; this way could easily recognize a retard when they come by so we can tone down our intelligent talk to make sure they can understand, or tell them to fuck off/ keep on walking (when on the streets).
1) Look to your right, as was said in the definition, usually at the top of the page if this definition is found at the bottom of the page.

2) Gas station clerk: "Great here comes someone with a Snorgtees. Probably mentally challenged."

Idiot wearing a Snorgtees Shirt: "Hey man, can I, like, can you like, take out money from this card?"

Gas station clerk: "You'd have to use the ATM"

Idiot wearing a Snorgtees Shirt: "OK man thanks. Where can I find one?"

Gas station clerk: "There's one... RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" *gas station clerk rubs temples*

Idiot wearing a Snorgtees Shirt: "Oh OK, thanks man"

*Gas station clerk takes some Advil*
by Raw Doggy June 16, 2010
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Why don't you look to your right and you'll see an ad about it.
If it isn't there, why don't you complain to google ads?
Right is this way if you don't know. Retard.
Snorgtees are not funny. If you laugh at them, you're probably Bob Saget.
by -MC-Dreidel July 06, 2010
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Dude: I was on urban I saw the most annoying advertisement ever it was called Snorg Tees

Guy: Now way man, thats low.
by Maulermaker March 31, 2011
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