their shirt advertisments and looks are horrible but damn those girls wearing em are hot
snorgtees shirt: "Watermelons make everything better!"

o yes they do *drool*
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A rubbish advert which has unfortunatly made it past urbandictionary.com
guy 1: What did you go on last night?

guy 2: Indiana Jones Wiki

guy 1: was it good?

guy 2: Yeah, it was interesting but I saw a snorgtees ad

guy 1: OOOOHHHH NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!! Snorgtees has made it onto other websites! It's spreading like a plague!
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The shirts that are advertised on this website the best one by far is Sheena AKA the girl with the black short shorts and a grey shirt but she is what we call rare only that average looking red head keeps showing up
Example of a snorgtees add-
an attractive girl ranging from a 7-9 out of ten posing in an sexy positions with a cliche shirt
by Alfredosauce97 June 24, 2011
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a shirt that, when worn, essentially advertises the fact that you are a retard. this is due to the poor excuse of a joke printed on the front, accompanied with a lame picture to explain what crude childish humor was involved in making the "joke."
the only thing i like about snorgtee ads is the blond chick, who is at least kinda hot. shame she degraded herself to advertising retarded products.
by i hate snorgtees ads January 03, 2010
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the one reason not to use this site
I used to use urban dictionary, but I got so tired of the snorg tees adds that I switched to Merriam Webster
by uwishu were me October 31, 2011
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T-shirt company with sense of humor so bad they need a slogan, they use flat or almost flat girls (that's why I liked the Bustedtees company better). From what I've seen it was the second advertiser here, nowadays the ads are much more varied (tg).
you don't wanna see an example of Snorgtees humor.
by Dhatz August 31, 2009
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the website that uses hot chicks in there ads
A chick in her under ware wearing a snorg tees
by naked chipmunk February 25, 2011
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