Small nob. Aka a small penis that looks like a nob because it isn't long enough to hang.
Ashley: "Did Jake satisfy you last night."
Little Sally: "No, he had a snob."
by Frank423465 March 08, 2009
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One who thinks they are better than another person based on materal posessions,welth,or standing in society.
ex: eliteists
(Well known or historic snobs are. Marie Antonett, Napolian, George W. Bush,The Hiltons,and julus Cesar.)
"some people are given so much and take to much and give so little"
by kelly robinson January 18, 2005
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Those girls who:
1.) Walk around in their $200 shirts and $300 shirts and insist upon telling everyone how much they cost.
2.) Have an IQ that's a few points below their shoe size.
3.) Follow a mantra similar to: ''The bigger your boobs are, the higher in society.''
4.) Are total SNITWADS.
Sarah: I accidentally ran into Tosha, so I said ''Sorry''. She just rolled her eyes and walked passed me.
Ashley: She's a f***kin' snob.
by Sarah April 17, 2005
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A person who considers themselves higher in society than others.
She was such a snob yesterday, she said i was a dumb poor (not much money) person.
by DeathDemon August 07, 2014
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1. A Resident Of Dublin 4
2. A Person That Thinks They Are Better Then Other People Because Of There Bank Balance
3. Sombody Who Shops In Brown Tomas On A Regular Basis
4. Resident In A Exclusive Private Estate In Dublin (Usualy South Side, Esp. Dublin 4)
5. People Who Changed Their Postal Code Because they didnt want to be associated with the "common" people. ie. Residents Of Dublin 6W
i bought the whole dialinn collection in brown tomas

Snob To Post Man: I insist That you diliver my post to my Dublin 6W address and not Dublin 6

why is that commoner looking at me??
by J February 21, 2004
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a person who thinks they are better than others
"Say shit to me again I'll beat your face in, fuckin snobby bitch" ~ Me to a prep
by Dirge February 01, 2005
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*; A person who is a constipated arsehole.

or; See's themselves better than anyone else.

or; Rudely dismiss you.
Walking down the street I say "Hello" or "Hey" and all I get is a mumble or a cold shoulder.
by Timmey'O'Tewl March 19, 2004
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