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Snake titties, namely one of an anthropomorphic snake of some sort.
“Oh my god, Roman, stop staring at Dee’s snitties and judge the case!”

“Dee, pal, your name isn’t ‘Jealousy’, calm thy snitties.”

“Hhhng, Thomas, I’m trying to convince you to take the callback, but I’m dummy thicc, and the clap of my snitties is distracting the judge.”
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A hybrid of snotty and shitty used by junior high school girls trapped in corrupt Attorney General bodies. Used passive-aggressively to denote one’s dislike of someone’s communication calling them on their shit.
He was apoplectic that I totally mischaracterized the report he spent two (2) years working on, so he sent me a snitty letter. Also, I’m a little bitch.
by Jack_Dawson May 01, 2019
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a combination of snotty and shitty; also a synonym for snotty depending on usage
snitty snitty bang bang
by Jeminem May 15, 2005
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Dave: Did you hear about joe and that girl last night?
Jeff: No, what happened?
Dave: She totally gave dave the good 'ol snitty after they left the bar.
by Sno Doggo July 08, 2019
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