A person (usually from the South) that exhibits country/hick tendencies. These people tend to deny the existence of coronavirus, drive lifted trucks, and have no perception of life outside the regional South of the United States.

They often occupy themselves with college football and pretend to be informed about social justice and politics, when in reality, they have no clue how the electoral college even functions.

This definition was derived from a prominent character in the Netflix TV series, "Ozark" named Jacob Snell. His wife, Darlene, can also be classified as a "Snell".
I encountered a Snell at the store today. He had a confederate flag on his hat and demanded that I remove my mask because "coronavirus is a hoax".
by FrenchOnion January 26, 2021
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A person committing an act that demostrates a severe lack of all common sense to the extent that the act itself endangers the person and everybody around them.
"You really snelled up this time..."
"They are the bunch of snelliest snells that have ever snelled in the history of snelling"
by Pseudonym October 13, 2004
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When your lazing around your house sniffing your friends jizz, selling your belongings for drugs and generally being a crack head.
by NigelPenisLover June 28, 2011
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Snelling is a term made by Daneboe and it is when you sneeze but perpously yell at the same time. He made it trying to start a trend like the cinamine chalenge.
I like snelling next to people
by Xwolf July 14, 2011
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When you stand over a girl, fully clothed, and proceed to jizz in your pants.
John snelled when he saw her on the couch.
by Matt Kanchez January 30, 2009
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Any person who, through improper or excessive use, ruins jokes, quotes, or catchphrases.

Snell can also be used to describe items that are no longer humorous due to such a person.
David: Guess who doesn't have work this week.
Paul: I'd say, "a prick," but that one's totally snell now. Thanks, Robert.

This would generally be followed by glares directed toward the Snell of the group, who would then repeat another phrase that they had made snell.
by Lance Rock May 07, 2008
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A snels is an extremely kind and intelligent guy who enjoys getting completely shitfaced. By doing this he destroys his calm and timid personality and unleashes his true self.
Guy 1:“ooh man, frank’s yelling at those girls again...”
Guy 2: i know, he can be such a snelle sometimes...
by Baroent October 28, 2020
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