Your typical millenial (Often from California) who thinks everything is racist and will tell you that you are a privilaged white piece of trash. These are the same people who get offended by simple things like the dictionary and for someone just being a man. They currently have 600+ genders and use Tumblr and Twitter. They make up sexualities and such as Demisexual, Demigender non-binary ect. These people typically have sex with eachother to catch STDs and call it empowering . They are usually thots and feminazis. You can find that they have terrible dyed hairstyles that are half shaven and piercings all over their body. They also have tattoos they claim to have meaning but it is only there so they can claim to be unique. They use tatics like this to feed their insecurites and ego. They will accuse anyone for not following their beliefs and publicly ridicule the individual. These are generalized by the population as a seperate species from humans.
Jimmy: Hey mom what's that?
Mom: Don't get to close, those Snebs will posion your mind.
by Lizard King TMS May 12, 2018
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