A fumbling of speech when talking hastily, cross between grade and weed.

(-Specificaly used by the sickest mandems in the NW-)
Example 01 :
Oi bruv quick this brer is shottin gread
by modmunk August 14, 2007
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referring to a specific person who has inversely caused pain for or not for their own need.
The bully has given some much gread to the boy just so the bully could feel better about them self
by wacky porcupine January 2, 2017
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A verb that describes the act of reading through the elements in your Google Reader, or an RSS reader of choice. Made from the noun "Google" and the verb "to read".

When people gread, they often pay less attention to the material in question than what they would have done if they were reading the same in a newspaper. This is because a greader has less time than an ordinary reader.
Bill says:
hi. what's happening?

Matt says:
i'm greading.

Bill says:
oh. i gread this awsome cat macro a while ago, and then my girlfriend came in. we both rotflol'd.
by vages December 8, 2008
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Gread tow is like a precognition or a preconceived notion of some evidence already presented.
we gread tow rhat i saed alreadty, mike
by djzeratul April 20, 2011
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