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Sneaky Pete. To steal your best mates wife or girlfriend.
Did u here Dave is now dating his best mates wife Linda, he did the old "sneaky Pete".
by Freestylez October 05, 2018
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Occurring when a man, lacking in fortitude, continually spends time with a woman already part of a committed relationship without letting his true intentions be known, hoping that the woman will leave her current significant other, allowing the man to SWOOP in.
Nick: Hey, did you hear that Russell is doing the ol' Sneaky Pete?
Aaron: Oh, that's dirty!
by Bat_Man October 26, 2014
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The term for a man or woman who has a STD but does not inform their one-night-stand until the morning after.
J: "I had a great time last night Erica, and by the way you should get tested"

E: "You're such a Sneaky Pete"
by BKDC October 22, 2009
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Cheap fortified wine, in particular the type drunk by winos on skid row such as Mad Dog, Night Train, and Thunderbird. Winos often "fortify" wine with other alcohol, including denatured alcohol such as rubbing alcohol and sterno.
But you take that Sneaky Pete 1 stuff they're drinkin' nowadays. That's wors'n anything! Nah .... I would'n touch'a stuff! That Sneaky Pete drives a man crazy! And it ain't nothin' but cheap wine! That's all it is! You know that guy, crazy Mike, who's always comin'in here makin' trouble? He got that way drinkin' that Sneaky Pete stuff! I won't touch it. I wouldn't touch it if you give me all'uh money in the world! I wouldn't touch a drop of it! No sir!
by RevWaldo September 28, 2010
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In pool or billiards, a "hustler's cue." A well-designed cue that looks like a well-worn house cue.
After the hot chick took my money shooting pool, I noticed the old cue she was using was actually a 'sneaky pete'!
by bagadonutz November 06, 2005
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