This is someone who has personal attributes of both a snake and a rat. Meaning they can't be trusted because they are sneaky and dangerous
Don't trust him girl, he's just a big lip snat in disguise.
by Nimms February 02, 2018
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A fake person who does stuff behind someone’s back and plays the victim when confronted. Snake and a rat put together.
Camila Cabello is such a snat she tried to ruin Fifth Harmony’s career
by Suprasternal June 04, 2018
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Twat + Snatch = Snat. Synonymous with cunt, hairless paper cut, bearded axe wound, slit, Yeast-powder biscuit , box, sloppy joe, pink taco, roast beef, vagine, pussy, Baby carriage, Bazoo, beaver, blackbeard's closet, bombo, cabbage patch, chimney, Chicken's tongue. clam, cock inn, cootch, dead end street, Doodle-sack, Finger hut, Fuck hole, Fur burger, muffin, grand canyon, Jelly bag, Little man in a boat, long-asian-eye, love muscle, Meat grinder
Moose, Muff, Oyster catcher, Pit, Poontang, Rat trap, slot, socket, Spermsucker, cum tissue, bucket, The grindstone, Vacuum, and cave.

Women your snat smells clammy.
by joe o'brien November 29, 2006
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The beer known as natural ice, also known as natty's. But since it is so snaturally delicious, it is called snats! Snatties are cheap as heyll and they have a 5.9% alchohol content, which is way higher than all them other beers. Some people say it tastes bad, but F*CK them!!!!!
O man joe, i dun had to many snats, im gunna fight my mom, (throwing up), i luv you joe, gimme some mo snats!!!
by Colin Stutzman December 18, 2005
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When a person sneezes and shits him or herself (in the past tense).
Did you hear? He totally snat himself on her couch!
by Azn Hottie September 01, 2010
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