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Usually a Female (but could also be a male) who acts scandalously or sexts a lot, over snapchat, but is not know for being a whore at all in real life.
Dave: Madlyn is the biggest whore she always sexts me when we snap each other!

Lisa: Nah shes just a snapchat whore, shes actually a virgin.
by yayo34567 June 23, 2014
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Someone who sends an obscene amount of snapchats (could be hourly/daily) or uploads constant my stories with points ranging into the thousands. I mean really do these people not have jobs or lives.
Have you seen how many points she/he has?

She/he must be a snap chat whore.
by HBRHA October 28, 2014
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when a girl is on snapchat and constanly snapchats back an forth with her friends every 2 seconds
Ginger: omg Summer just snapchated me what her and Caleb are eating for dinner, im gona snapchat my freshly painted nails while im watching this movie.
Summer:Caleb look at Gingers nails they're pink omg, they are so pretty.
Ben: you(Ginger)and Summer are "snapchat whores"
by PARTYKING June 03, 2013
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When a girl or guy (snapchat manwhore) snapchats the many people of the opposite gender constantly in a very flirtatious way
OMG! Natalie is such a snapchat whore! She snapchats Thomas, Steven, Ollie, and Ethan for 25 straight days!!!
by Smiley Catz August 08, 2015
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•When someone opens your snapchat and doesn't reply so you assume they are banging someone

•Someone who has different people in their best friends list everyday
"I snapchatted Jessie 4 times and she didn't reply to any of them"
"Wow, what a snapchat whore... She's probably banging some guy"
"I'm not one of Faith's best friends on snapchat anymore... She actually has three different best friends"
"She did that to me yesterday, what a snapchat whore"
by DiehlMoney December 26, 2014
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A Snapchat whore is someone who is always posting on there stories, sending streaks, and is always posting yolos. They can also be someone who has a private story just for there crush. Don't add these people because your phone will have millions of notifications.
Teacher : why are you on your phone
Snapchat whore: I'm sending streaks
Teacher: well stop!
Student 1: she can't she's a Snapchat whore
Snapchat whore : no I'm not its only the 6th time I sent streaks today
Student 2: it's only 9:30 am
by Ur°moms°gay November 26, 2019
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