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A Snadwich (mistakenly thought to be derived from mispelling the word 'Sandwich') is a mystical small furry creature that resides in the darkest corners of the majority of households across the world.

Their presence is only noticeable through the disappearance of socks.

NB. This is never a pair of socks, only one (leading to the current odd sock problem across the globe).

The Snadwiches breed and raise their young in said stolen socks. When more and more socks go missing in a household, it normally suggests a 'Snadwich Infestation', for which a 'Snadwich Exterminator' must be contacted. Failure to do so could lead to a 'Snadwich Attack' (the need for more territory drives the increasing population of Snadwiches to be more agressive) which can often be fatal.

When a human sees a Snadwich, very often they mistake it for a ball of dust or hair.
'Why do I have so many odd socks? It must be the snadwiches again...'
by HellyLM February 05, 2010
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putting one testicle on top, holding the second testicle on the bottom with the penis in between and inserting entire unit in mouth.

Generally achieved while flaccid, unless the snadwich eater is particularly skilled.
Bonus points for using different person's testicles.
She can deep throat with no trouble and if you get her drunk she'll even give you a snadwich.

His dick was so small I could give him a snadwich easy.
by donnerblitzen September 20, 2006
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When you put two pieces of bread inside your rectum, and proceed to eject them onto your partner. Sometimes the bread is filled with fingermeat.
Miss Alicia gave me a knuckle snadwich the other night. MMMMMmmmmm good!
by The AMAZING Peuswah January 24, 2011
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a sandwich made from honey buns, toaster stroodle's, and peanut butter. use the honey buns as the bread, put peanut butter on one side of each honey bun. then put the cooked toaster stroodle in the middle.
man i can wait to have a snadwich
by coon November 07, 2007
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a delibirate misspelling of sandwich, meat cheese and a form of condiment set between two peices of bread. usually delicious. and if you had to look this up... ur fuckin retarded. NOOB!!!1!!11!!!one!
OMG this fookn snadwich is SCRUMP-DIDLEY-UMPCIOUS!!! may i have another?
by Bayless May 09, 2005
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