An adjective describing someone or something that is unbearably cute/adorable.

Variants include: smunch (verb and noun), smunchiest (for emphasis) and smunchbag (can be both a noun and adjective).
"What a smunchy bastard!"

"That kitten is the smunchiest smunch that ever smunched."
by Gwaxl April 5, 2005
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"This taco is smunchy".
by Adam Laughlin September 2, 2005
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Really comfortable, warm and cosy.
Ooh wow, this jacket/Jumper/whatever/poison wrap is soooo smunchy!

Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!! THESE ARE THE SMUNCHIEST PANTS! How much are they? ($400000) TAKEN!
by Manet March 23, 2008
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noun,a food that is soft and crunchy is a smunchy
this food is smunchy man.
by cory hall October 9, 2007
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noun, meaning half soft half hard munchies.

what you smunch on when you are stoned instead of munchies
man those smunchies kick'd ass last night.
by cory hall October 9, 2007
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