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A tall, blonde, woodland creature, descendant of the Silly Moose. Can often be seen tripping over it's rather large feet in search for Dr.Pepperand Skittles with it's two bff's. Tragically, this noble beast suffers greatly from epic phail and foot in mouth disease, but amidst it's herd of skaters and when complete with pennies, it often expels win and legend.

It's natural call has been translated into English as "Woop De Doo Basil", though this is not certain as it's language it thick with sarcasm.
Depressed Guy: *sigh*
Smoose: Wow, who died?
Depressed Guy: My Mum.
by Teh Smoose February 28, 2009
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Half smooch and half kiss. Often used in conjunction with huggles.
Upon reuniting, Isaac smothered Michelle with many, many huggles and smooses.
by A_D & a2e August 03, 2008
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Smoose is a japanese Samurai Hitman who kills by Honour.
Danuse,Smoose,Tom Jones,Sex Bomb, What Ever Turns The Girls On.
by Daniel Royle February 09, 2005
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Adj: meaning smooth like a moose. Meant to take the place of words like 'cool' and 'awesome' to show agreement or interest with the subject matter.
Wow, that new car is really smoose!
by DeathMinister December 09, 2008
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