Epic Phail is used when Phail doesn't explain just how much the person or thing phails.
(Someone trips while walking, drops something glass, misses when playing basketball, etc.)
You exclaim: "EPIC PHAIL!" ("Epic Phailure" works just as well.)
by Adam (epic) August 24, 2007
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The most extreme failure there is. Commonly used on the internet if someone does something extremely idiotic.
Person 1: "I just died in real life dooooodzzzzzz!!!"
Person 2: "Epic phail."
by TonicX57 May 4, 2008
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To fail so epicly you cannot just explain it using the word "Fail" But you have to say it "Phail" fail

Also an antonym to EPIC, can be used as derogatory or as a compliment in Halo live
1. John is such an epic phail he doesn't even know what he's talking about.
2. That was such an epic phail with the scarab gun he killed my entire team!
by Haydon March 23, 2008
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Someone who cannot play a game due to the fact they only leech points and follow others around.
Josh is an Epic Phail when playing Guild Wars.
by Pend March 14, 2009
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Epic Fail:(n)Not your average fail-not just a oops- but a full blown, game over fail.

Epic Phail:(n)The failingest fail that anyone could ever fail. Its worse than Epic fail, so much worse that it can only be spelled Phail.
Epic Fail (phail)

1.That skate boarder just crashed into a pole trying too do a 180. (prime example of Epic Fail)

2.The skate boarder also fell with the pole attached to his helmet into a 1200 ft.deep lake.(prime example of Epic Phail)
by Meek Meek September 6, 2008
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