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When you sniff crack off of your boyfriends ass and he farts and gets white crack in your face.
Last night me and kristine were getting down and dirty but then she decided to go smoofing, and i aint fuckin that bitch again.
by Uananinominious April 10, 2006
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Smoofing is a sport where you stand in front of a crowd, look awesome, and receive points.
If you get over 9000 points after 3 rounds, you win.
Every three rounds is called a set, and anyone under 9000 will be eliminated after the set. If no one is under 9000, then the lowest score gets eliminated. If everyone is under 9000, everyone loses and a new game is started.
Scoring is based on 3 things: Appearance, Swagger, and Overall Awesomeness. The crowd scores each category on a scale of 1-1100 and its added up to make the final score.
A perfect score is 9900.

Smoofing is a hard game, a lot of non-professional smoofers change the rules so the required score is 8000 or even 7000, rather than the official 9000.
My recent smoofing scores:
Appearance: 1032, 1098, 1025,

Swagger: 987, 1002, 996,
Overall Awesomeness: 1056, 1073, 1026,
Final score: 9295
I win.

Your recent smoofing scores:
Appearance: 875, 885, 901
Swagger: 920, 916, 923
Overall Awesomeness: 956, 942, 948
Final score: 8266
Score below 9000, you lose.
by Zakorsumtin March 30, 2011
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