An act in witch a person sucks a man's penis.
Billy shure loves Smoking cock!
by Jonathan December 9, 2003
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Bob had to come out of the closet after it was revealed that he liked to smoke cock.
by Nekkid McButtz July 8, 2006
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Smoking Cock was defined as 1000 times gayer than sucking cock by one of the most respected Counter Strike Source players Nigga Jones.
by potato chips August 4, 2009
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During the act of Fellatio, the pubic hair at the base of the penis shaft, is set ablaze, appearing as though the phallus is being smoked, this term was originated by Reverend JG.
"Hey Sandy, wanna Smoke some cock" said Phineas. Betty replied," Whats that?". Phineas proceeded to explain," its where you come over here, give me some neck, and I light my merkin on fire." With a disoriented look on her face, Betty then asked," what in the fuck is a merkin." Phineas, with a look that would kill 200 bison, sounded off "JUST GET OVER HERE AND SUCK!" Betty Cried, but voluntarily began to smoke cock. When the lewd act was over, and they smoked all the cock, that needed to be smoke, Phineas, treated Betty, to some In-N-Out burgers. Smoking Cock
by UncleRev June 9, 2009
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Given the choice, when marijuana becomes legal, to smoke a fat blunt or some cock, the person chooses to stick with smoking cock because he is a homosexual who refuses to partake in recreational drugs.
Rob: Denis, when marijuana becomes legal will you smoke a fat blunt or continue to smoke cock?

Denis: Obviously I'll smoke cock.
by G1itter May 31, 2017
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N. When you wake up during the night and your friend is fucking your girlfriend with a tuba and some sour cream.
Wow, last night I awoke to the sound of a tuba and the smell of sour cream, leaned over and saw my girlfriend had both of those in her vagina. My friend Toby just gave my girlfriend the Smoking Cock Gun of Misery and Despair!!!!!
by Twelve Bananas Yes...No May 26, 2009
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A direct imperative given at a time of great dismay. Usually said to an enemy or foe. Can be modified into a question. Ex. Why don't you smoke my cock?
While waiting in line some guy asked me to move so he could let his friends cut in. I told him to go smoke my cock.
by Jack Beats Nimble January 28, 2010
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