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Abbreviation for "suck me off." Usually used as a substitution for 'shut up' or 'fuck off.'
Anthony: Hey lex, let's go smoke.
Lex: Sorry, I cant, I'm going to volunteer at the special olympics
Anthony: smoff bitch. Lets go.
by BigCol February 24, 2015
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This word can be used anyway you want it to be used.. Usually used for the word fuck.

Go Smoff Yourself.
You smoffing loser.
by xGravexFlowerx April 22, 2004
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Short for "Secret Masters OF Fandom" the side conversations of society and fandom organizations talking shop and sharing experiences to help break the ice or share, often self-deprecating, analogies. Often results in a long session of sharing these stories and the others involved in coming up with ways they would deal with the situation.
George was smoffing yesterday with the group and sharing how one of the attendees tried to hook their costume on the fire sprinkler in their room.
by Athirne May 26, 2018
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