Christof is most likely of Swedish or Greek origin. Stems from Christoph and Christophe which are variants of Christopher. Christopher means the bearer of Christ. However, Christos means the anointed one (usually referring to Christ) and of means related to or tof/toff means wealthy/high

so not only could it mean the bearer of Christ, but also meaning perhaps the friend/disciple of Christ.

In urban slang however, Christof is often the leader of a group and is usually extremely creative and innovative.
Hey, what are we gonna do tonight?
Go ask Christof, he will know
by Mfactor April 07, 2008
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smart ass handsome man that every woman wants and every man hates
Wow! You go Christofer!
by Redneck Woman 1982 February 03, 2010
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The sweetest guy alive. He's caring, understanding, and loves to love. He can tell when you're sad, and he'll try to pick you up. He'll make you laugh, and cry laughing.
I don't deserve Christofer
by Bester Bitch April 20, 2019
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Awesome singer, goes by the name of Nevershoutnever.

And all the names of his song are written without spaces.
17 years old & he;s from Joplin, Missouri


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
Christofer Drew played "bigcitydreams" the other week on TRL
by dare4distance August 27, 2008
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A 18-year old that actually takes pride in music. Some of his first songs are mostly auto tune, but his recent songs are all him. He is an example of a artists that has grown in his music. Great to see live.
by Heytheree July 23, 2010
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Christofer Drew is a 20 year old singer in the band, NeverShoutNever. He also has side project bands such as
EatMeWhileImHot! & Gonzo. Christofer is extremely talented and attractive. He's labeled 'Indie' & 'Hipster'.
To summon him up in a few words: A Sexy Mofo Who Has Style<3
Karla: Damn, Christofer Drew is super sexy! omg.
Me: I agree, but you need to learn to appreciate his music, too. Not just his face. Plus, he's already married to me.
by Mrs.DesDesIngle December 09, 2011
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The absolute hottest man in the world(sorta)
He's so freaking hot!
Christofer Drew sang Bigcitydreams, making me moist.
by Vegas Violence May 23, 2009
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