An increasingly common word denoting any kind of sexual act. Presumably born from a rather lazy attempt to constitute a somewhat censored version of the regular s-word. Similar to the background of words such as jeebus or fawk.
Care to join me in the closet for some hot smecks?
by the Kyuu May 22, 2005
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A collective of printmakers at the University of South Florida who, in Fall of 2010, combined the first letters of their first names (Scott, Melissa, Erica, Caroline and Kevin) then found the word in the Urban Dictionary and created a portfolio of 25 art prints based on the various definitions of the non-word "smeck.'
That's so SMECK of you
by S.M.E.C.K December 06, 2010
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To talk care free like an idiot. "Hows the weather?"
an example can be sited from the film "a clockwork orange" "The Devotchka was smecking away, and not
caring about the wicked world one bit." - found when they were in the milk bar for the second time.
by xhable November 16, 2004
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the unwanted touching of someone else's genitalia to yours; somewhat like frot, but less consensual; frot-rape
"I love to smeck."
"Damn smecker."
by Coaltrain June 24, 2006
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