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Law & Order is considered by many to be one of the greatest TV shows ever created. It has had at least 300 episodes, yet they are all interesting and original in their own special way. Not like the shitty new episodes of The Simpsons
On Law & Order last night, there was a serial killer who committed necrophilia with his victims. Now that's entertainment.
by Black Angel December 03, 2003
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One of the greatest debaters I've ever seen. Like Maddox, he'll rip your arguments apart and/or turn them against you. Unlike Maddox, he doesn't swear excessively.
I got into an argument with CoolHand last night. My ass still hurts from how hard he was kicking it.
by Black Angel May 01, 2004
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A large gathering of assholes, typically at public schools. Part of the reason for most school shootings.
Kid: My school is an assclass. I hope I don't lose it and shoot up the place.
by Black Angel November 03, 2003
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A cheap weapon, commonly used by n00bs in online shooter games. Some players chose rockets, not because they annoy people, but because they get easy kills.
Player: Hey n00b, knock it off with that rocket bullshit.

n00b: fuk u. if ur such a gud playr, y don't u lern to avoid it?
by Black Angel November 02, 2003
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A person who is n00bish because in reality they are mentally retarded. They don't act stupid to annoy people, they ARE stupid and probably don't mean to piss people off. In all honesty, it's impossible to tell who's a n00b and who's a r00b unless you know them in real life.
I thought Rob was a n00b who liked bugging people until I met him. Turns out he's really a r00b.
by Black Angel November 03, 2003
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Asshole human person; usually not much smarter than an actual pile of shit.
Bob told me I sucked, so I called him a shitsack. Little bitch ran home crying.
by Black Angel November 14, 2003
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