when you gots ta asks what is wrong really fast.
What smatter witcha, b?
by i8x November 10, 2007
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This is a word that with two meaning first as a compound word it translates into the question "What is the matter ?" or " Is there a problem ? "
The being the ejected substance of a of a wet fart.
{Definitions #1}

:Hey... What smatter ? You don't look so good.

{Definition #2}

: Oh no ! That not good ! I just farted and got smatter on my underware !
by critter getter September 27, 2009
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A smattering of nuns is very similar to a murder of crows, except most of the nuns aren't birds.
"After the zombocalypse, a smattering of nuns engaged in a light popegasm." - Tim Defrag
by Jeebus McChrist March 28, 2006
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Taking a dump on someones chest during sexual intercourse.
"I gave Shirly a wicked smatter horn horn last night!"
by Turbaisu August 04, 2007
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