When you're so high that smells and tastes unite to form one greater, stronger sense: smaste.
High Person 1: Dude, do you smaste that?
High Person 2:Yeah dude, it smastes great.
by JumboJimbo January 31, 2017
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Smaste -(smell/taste) - can be experienced from a distance that no human is capable of imagining. It brings thoughts of a maggot infested wound from some kind of flesh rotting disease. It's smell, flavor, and appearance all blend into one unsettling heap that even the depths of hell don't want.
The plumber said under my house was so horrible he could smaste it.

I don't know what happened in that house but you could smaste it 3 blocks away.

Oh my god when that guy farted in the elevator everyone could smaste it. It was awful.
by I am Multiplied March 14, 2019
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When something tastes like the smell of something else.
Those lime tic tacs smaste like my grandpa's house!
by Travel Sized March 06, 2011
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The taste sensation by which the ingested substance tastes like the smell of something else. Commonly used when the pungent substance involved is unpleasant or unlikely to be tasted (see example)
'This apple pie smastes of concrete'
by Amos K. Vimto September 02, 2008
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The Ask a Ninja's ninja art for foresight. Combining the human sense of smell and it's incredible connection to one's memory and the feeling one gets of being so close (to the future) they can taste it to remember things just before they happen, giving just enough time to react.
During his smaste training, the ninja was able to fade into the darkness just before his target emerged through the door.
by ToneA May 21, 2009
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