The Smarmy is the Stream Raiders army of Twitch streamer SmallAntMom. Short for Smom army.

Chatters: Got it!
by vanessad6379 January 20, 2022
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A person who is in love with himself/herself and his/hers oppinions and displays this by showing subtle contempt of people of a different opinion, class or personality. He/she also belittles other people and his/her relations to them aren't even skin deep, but merely superficial consisting mostly of remarks and comments the smarmy person thinks are cute, but which makes ordinary people sick. The smugness of a smarmy person is almost as big as his/her ego (which is enormous). A smarmy person usually doesn't have a real reason for his/her behavior, but it makes him/her feel important.
Piers Morgan is the real-world living definition of the word smarmy.
by maniacmikesmansion November 16, 2011
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Forwardly and unknowingly exuding lightly overbearing and somewhat slimy behavior. One who would stab you in the back if he or she could get away with it. One who would sell their own mother's soul for benefit and/or attention. A subtle scumbag, sleezball, wretch, or creepshow.
If that smarmy guy comes by my desk again today, I hope I am away at a meeting.
by Nichodroid November 2, 2009
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A sleazy, insincere demeanor, possessed by one who puts on a fake smile and has ill intent. One who is not what they appear to be. A sales person who uses phrases like "pull the trigger"
The time share sales manager, looked like a weasel, and had a smarmy way about him.
by hawaiitalent December 8, 2008
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Slimy, creepy, greasy and generally up to no good. A Male who has too much product in his hair, his cologne is way too strong, his clothing style is decade behind and he thinks he is charming.
by Breezeebear April 28, 2015
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The monotone voice of NPR at any time of the day.
The smarmy tones of an abscure NPR reporter informed senior citizens around the country about pointless shit in a dull boring voice.
by Themidnightmeattrain November 5, 2008
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An attitude resembling butt, covered in a butt/poop paste. Also can be used as a verb, a noun, or other things.
I was smarming the other day, it sucked

Your fart is positively smarmy

That girl totally smarmed on me.

He smarms baby turtles.
by walter cronkite IV April 19, 2009
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