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A word of Hawaiian origin, which can be used to describe a woman of any race who is strong, independent, able to think for herself, and FIERCE in a number of different ways. Grace Jones and Madonna would both be accepted into the Tita Club, which would be an honor.

A Tita is a woman who can hold her own and doesn't take any crap. It's a good thing to be a Tita.

Frank Delimma's sketch of "Tita Turner"
by hawaiitalent February 05, 2009
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A sleazy, insincere demeanor, possessed by one who puts on a fake smile and has ill intent. One who is not what they appear to be. A sales person who uses phrases like "pull the trigger"
The time share sales manager, looked like a weasel, and had a smarmy way about him.
by hawaiitalent December 08, 2008
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Older woman goes on a date with a young hottie and comes back to work the next day glowing and beaming and radiating sexual energy. Everyone thinks she's had some "work done" but really she's just had her battery charged!
Michelle Pheiffer in that movie "I Could Never Be Your Girl" glides into the office, glowing and everyone takes not that there is something "different about her" Her secretary says "Wow - You look great, have you had some work done?" No (beaming) - Nothing (smirk, sidewise look) She's just had her battery charged.
by hawaiitalent September 14, 2010
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Over-Botoxed. The practice of injecting Botox into one's face for extended periods of time to an extreme degree until an "otherworldly" appearance of a wax figurine is achieved.

Franz is in his fifties, but his forehead is as smooth as glass. When he smiles, none of the muscles move but his mouth. I'd say he seriously OB'd.
by hawaiitalent December 19, 2008
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