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Pitch in baseball that is a combination of a slider and a curveball.
Man, Kevin's slurve is the best pitch i've ever seen.
by Kevy the Bevy May 30, 2003
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a slut that has a curvy body
Guy 1: Dude look at that chick over there! she has curves.

Guy 2: yea man, i heard she's a slut.

Guy 1: Yeah, well she's a slurve.
by kari-ism's December 12, 2010
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girl that is just plain mean, similar to pitbull.
from the term for the baseball pitch that is impossible to hit or duck
Jack: Damn, Amanda is such a slurve!

Eddie: I know, the other day she closed my locker door on my hand cause I said hi to her!
by GT1TXR July 03, 2009
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A code word for your homies when taking part in sexual intercourse, with one or multiple females.
Lukas: Yo Nic, slurve for about 20 minutes
Nic: Aight homie do work!
by ljp97 May 22, 2016
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