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(n) People who immediately add comments or "likes" to a person's latest Facebook post, not unlike moths to a light in the night. Usually in response to something very interesting.
"Man, everybody was busy on Facebook today. I had like, 10 Facemoths to my latest on the basketball game".
by RBraleigh December 28, 2009
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The act of weaving, slurring, and swaying all at the same time, usually due to general inebriation. Can be on two legs, or behind the wheel of a large automobile.
Dude, don't EVER let me drink ten shots of Patron in a row. I was slurving all night long!
by RBRaleigh April 22, 2010
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The act of getting on to your wive's, husband's, boyfriend's, girlfriend's or pal's Facebook profile, (whether you have one yourself or not) to post something, for communication or just plain impishness.
"Hey there all, Joe here using Elaine's page! I'm Facebacking!"
by RBRaleigh November 24, 2009
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