When a male is about to ejaculate during sexual intercourse. He then will pull out and bring his cock forward to the females face. The male partner then times his ejaculation and smacks the female in the face with his cock, while simultaniously blowing his load all over her face. (NOTE: This requires near PERFECT timing!)
I sludge-hammered her freaking face last time. She couldn't freaking see! & I think i gave her a black eye..
by Jeary Beary May 31, 2007
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Occurs when the girl lays at the edge of the bed naked while the guy stands above her head (also naked) and quickly drops on her face causing her legs to shoot up paralell; the guy will then quickly grasp her legs pulling directly back causing him to be on bottom on a little thing they call 69.
I gave this girl the best sludgegammer last night, her lakes looked like rubber.

Greg, you shoulda seen me sludgeham this chick last night.
by Back-yard bandit January 13, 2005
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When a male smears his penis in shit and repeatedly cocksmacks his girlfriend, usually performed in a construction site porto-potty.
Yeah, we were working on the new municipal building and I gave my girlfriend the old Sludge Hammer during lunch break.
by DieMinze May 16, 2010
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A weapon of mass destruction causing the wielder to have immense amount of energy and rage, inflicting enormous damage to the unlucky target.
Never mess with someone with a Sludge Hammer NEVER!
by yea..... June 05, 2009
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