what the villain does whenever the hero does anything. Clap clap clap followed by well well well followed by dun dun dun.
Hero: *foils villain's evil plan*
Villain: *slow claps* Well Well Well *unveils secret weapon*
God: dun dun DUN!!! plot twist!!!
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Slow clap is a term used to describe the delayed onset of Gonorrhea, a bacterial infection that is transmitted by sexual contact. Where 'The Clap' usually comes on shorty after sexcual contact with a person infected with the disease, Slow Clap comes on much later, thus more slowly.
Baz - "You remember that Essex bird I pulled at Magaluf in the Summer? I've just been down the clap clinic and they said I must have got it from her!" Dave - "Dave, that was months ago. I know your jokes are shit but it sounds like she gave you a proper Slow Clap mate!
by MajorGonzo January 17, 2018
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Evenly spaced applause from a single individual, typically used to call attention to the clapper's presence rather than as a genuine accolade. A classic maneuver for any Samuel Jackson character.
Hero: <impressive display of prowess>
Observer: <slow clap>
Observer: Very impressive, but you forgot about X...
Camera reveals X
by Phing March 3, 2006
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A gradual building of applause, usually starting with one person clapping slowly, and ending with an enthusiastic standing ovation. Generally shows approval for an underdog in a come from behind victory or after losing with pride intact.
After they hoisted their broken sled to their shoulders, the jamaican bob-sledders slowly walked towards the finish line. Much to their surprise, the dick-head East German began the slow clap. Soon, the whole crowd was riotously cheering them on.
by Weektit September 4, 2006
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An insult. Used to offend or make fun of.
That prick gave me the dreaded slow clap as I walked by him.
by Jerry's_Kids June 21, 2004
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Sacastic clap, often becomes a standing ovation. See golf clap
After the guy finished his speach he was sweating like a pig. To really rub it in we gave him a slow clap. When he finally got it over with he got a standing ovation.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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Who said a slow clap had to be slow no it fortnite
Dude do the fortnite slow clap . Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
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