Used immediately after a shock revelation, in the style of a 1940's or 50's movie.
luke... i am your sister dun Dun DUNNNNN!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 1, 2004
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an annoying yet extremely entertaining exclamation used most efficiently with "your mom"s for the perfect burn.
always following a question regarding the statement in the format of:
or *insert verb* *insert pronoun*?!
person 1: I had fun with your mom last night.
person 2: or did you?!
everyone around them: DUN DUN DUUUUUUUNNNN!!!
by Annie January 15, 2005
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somethin bad is gonna/could happen
i was goin fo a walk an ran ova a old lady.
dun dun dun!
don worry i blamed her an got money
by jessbooger June 16, 2004
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This usually occurs straight after what we call in guitaring terms, "the thunder chord". This is from the hit Slayer song which sounds like all the others, Raining Blood. After the initial dun dun duns there is another type of thunder which is simply called "pinch harmonic dm7 thunder creatarsm". Then the guitars come in with wee niddle nee niddle nee niddle nee. Of course the dun dun duns keep going throughout the song and so provide fantastic music listening
DUN DUN DUN! wee niddle nee niddle nee niddle nee DUN DUN DUN!
by ThrashBlade March 10, 2008
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1. when expressing deep plot twists, drama and disaster

2. lately people (like, 99,99677% skeleton clique though) also referred to twenty øne piløts drummer josh dun
1. "youre adopted". - dun dun dunnnnn

2. - joshler shipper #1: omg did you read that new fanfic about song forest? so intense like ?!?!?!!!
- joshler shipper #2: omg omg yes the feels like im so dun dun dun...!2!!1!!1!1
by ann_ika August 16, 2016
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when you don't know a songs name and it doesn't have any lyrics\
Jamie: ok google play me the song that sounds like this! dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
google: you fucking dumbass this is why nobody likes you, your such a fucking twat.
by urmompussyass123 September 1, 2020
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