(v.) to reject, to disapprove of, to forget; in the sense of "hell no", or "screw that". Derived from allow.
A: I can't come out tonight I gotta revise for my exams
B: nah slough exams dude you might get laid

A: wanna hit the deem
B: slough the deem man that shit is scary
by iloveyoutonje May 27, 2017
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Slough is a city that people over-exaggerate knife and gun crime to. Slough is actually a safe place and it may be quite boring at times but its an alright place to live. Slough is very multicultural, filled with a variety of races, which is probably why people associate it to crimes.
Person 1: Slough is a dangerous place, we shouldnt go there.
Person 2: No its not. Thats just rumours. Slough is ok, I've been there before.
by LipGlossPopper April 23, 2011
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A wetland or muddy waters where "Bear Scat" activities occur.
That slough is where I met Will on the St. Croix.
by TW9 September 01, 2019
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the town slough
Slough is a large town in Berkshire, England, 20 miles west of central London and 18 miles north-east of Reading, in the Thames Valley at the intersection of the M4, M40 and M25 motorways. Slough had a population of 164,000 in 2018.

slough is famous for the multi culture town
where you from mate?

im from slough
by Romanboss December 26, 2019
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Sloughing describes the act of engaging in vaginal intercourse while the female party is menstruating. Despite the sloughing of the uterine lining many males still enjoy this
My girls been on the rag for days, aint no thang i stay sloughing
by FAYTAL September 30, 2009
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