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Large car park near London, used as Motorway at night.
Im stuck on the M25
by oracle February 05, 2004
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Where you get an idea of how crowded England, and in particular the South East is. The worst parts of the M25 are around Heathrow, the M1 and the Dartford Tunnel, where it really is a car park. It once took me two hours to go ten miles from junction 5 (Sevenoaks) to junction 6 (Godstone...what a joke. Obviously the worst times for traffic are weekday mornings and Friday afternoons. Large chunks of the M25 are only six lanes, making traffic problems worse. Sort it out!
The M25 is one of Europe's busiest motorways, but mismanagement means it usually has only six lanes, when compared to Europe's best roads.
by PRIDE_OF_NORTH_LONDON April 16, 2007
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The London Orbital Motorway, 10 lanes wide (in places), about 100 miles in circumference and with traffic moving at about 15 mph. Also used as the term to define the limits of the area covered by Greater London
The M25 always tops poles for the worst road in the UK.
by black flag June 25, 2004
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Aka the 100 mph blow job. Involves a willing partner to give head while your driving down the motorway. Nick named the m25 as the driver tends to slow down during the act. And one very rarely goes fast round europes biggest carpark.
The missus was a good girl last night on the way home from her mums house. She gave me a great m25.
by djsabre1 March 05, 2012
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Any motorway/freeway packed with ridiculously long queues of traffic, possibly the equivalent to the giant car park that runs around London. M25s are prevalent and common around the Northern Virginia and DC Metropolitan area.
The Woodbridge Interstate-95 and Alexandria I-395 ARE such total M25(s).
by PoisonLeaf79 March 01, 2019
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