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(v.) to reject, to disapprove of, to forget; in the sense of "hell no", or "screw that". Derived from allow.
A: I can't come out tonight I gotta revise for my exams
B: nah slough exams dude you might get laid

A: wanna hit the deem
B: slough the deem man that shit is scary
by iloveyoutonje May 27, 2017
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Slough is a city that people over-exaggerate knife and gun crime to. Slough is actually a safe place and it may be quite boring at times but its an alright place to live. Slough is very multicultural, filled with a variety of races, which is probably why people associate it to crimes.
Person 1: Slough is a dangerous place, we shouldnt go there.
Person 2: No its not. Thats just rumours. Slough is ok, I've been there before.
by LipGlossPopper April 23, 2011
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A Slough is an adjective that is usually used to describe a person (negatively), as having a reptilian (cold-blooded) soul and or heart. Meaning they have no sympathy nor empathy to other people and their problems.
"Alex, stop being a fucking slough!"
by Lavius January 12, 2018
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