Shitty lay out there.
A girl who is terrible in bed primarily referring to girls who are deceptively hot
but suck in the sack.

Alternative meaning: Slang for slut
Friend: Hey how was banging kelly last night?
Me: Her body was hot but she was a sloth.
by inf4my February 10, 2015
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Someone who is sloppy and can't hold their alcohol. Always in need of a babysitter. AKA- Hanna Sloth Gregory
by Anon24680 March 22, 2014
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1. A three toed animal that lives in trees and eats leaves all day.
2. One of the seven deadly sins.
3. One lazy son-of-a-bitch named Prana.
4. The freaky-looking guy in The Goonies that loves Baby Ruth candy bars.
"Why were you late for work?"
"I fell asleep in the shower."
"...again?! What a fucking Sloth!"
by Hironimus October 20, 2004
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One who is Snazzy, as in A Snazzy Sloth. So basically you just have to be as cool as a guy named Thomas. Who is pretty dang cool.
Guy 1: "Man he is such a Sloth"
Guy 2: "Yea he may be close to Thomas on the scale of coolness"
by A SNAZZY SLOTH September 21, 2012
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1. (Noun.) A tree pedophile / person whom makes sexual references and chooses actions that seem awkward at the time but innocent when looked back upon. Sloth Bitches are white chicks who pretend to be whores.
2. (Verb) To Sloth - to slowly walk along side another individual and grasp them with your legs and arms (hands in a closed fingered and cuffed position) while making a small and throaty wailing noise. Commonly used with middle school attention whores.
3. (adjective) A way to describe someone who is weird as fuck but is so fun to be around.

Person 1: Dude, did you see that bitch ask me about my man boobs?

Person 2: She was a total sloth.

Person 1: What a sloth bitch.
2. Student: Hey teacher, is it okay if I sloth you?

3. Omigod, Courtney, you are totally sloth.
by Slothay100 April 28, 2013
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An extremely unnattractive female; see Sloth Caboose
"Damn that fatty out front the movie theater was one sloth-ass bitch."
by Rob Engle August 29, 2005
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Dense slow moving fart that give you to to exscape the mustard gas effect.
I dropped a sloth in the isle way at the grocery store, the guy behind me walked through the sloth and choked and gasped for fresh air as the potent fart filled his lungs.
by Thomas broadway April 13, 2017
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