pronoun, adjective - 1) a nickname often used for a co-worker meaning that he/she is "elegant and strong". 2) A title of respect and recognition given to a peer. 3) Not to be confused with the sloth or bradypus chloepus.
Hey guys, we should nickname Tim "Sloth" cause he is just that cool.
by abcdefghijklmnop August 14, 2005
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Couch potato, slacker, and bludger. Looking for a free ride, floats around from one household to another for a free place to live after he gets kick out of the house or apt from leeching off of the people for to long. Doesn't want to work, can't hold a job, and waste his/her time doing nothing but getting drunk and high.
Look out for that sloth Micheal. He just got kick out of another persons home and is looking for another place to live because he drank all their booze and ate all their food plus he ran up their bills while freeloading off of them.

That Micheal is a Sloth! He refuses to work and tries to live off of other peoples money and floats around from one place to another to live.
by Foamy Fucker March 9, 2012
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a weird person who is slow when they walk and talk and makes comments bout every little thing you say. may be cool some times.
Sloth commented on everything i say and it pissed meh off.
by Typsy November 19, 2007
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A slow, lazyily moving type creature who plays lacrosse and is #15. He is obsessed with trying to build up muscle and has an awkward tan. This creature uses abnormal sounds and noises in its natural habitat (anywhere he settles in his final resting place) as communication with other sloth like animals.
Cole Russert is a sloth.
by meh meh meh meh mehhhhhhh August 15, 2009
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dance moves where you shake your arms in a swinging motion
brittni was doing the sloth yesterday at the dance
Yo i love that move
by the mamba not kobe bryant June 15, 2013
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the cutest (yet slowest) animal in the world over any animal like a puppy I would rather have a sloth sloths are super cute and cool
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A sexual position; The Sloth can be executed as follows: the male participant is on all fours while the female participant hangs from the male torso, wrapping her legs around his lower waist and her arms around his shoulders. The male acts as a branch while the female, much like a sloth, hangs from him, giving the position its name. The male is responsible for the thrusting motion required for successful sexual intercourse. If executed correctly, the female's body should be entirely suspended. Easiest if the male first enters the female while both are lying down. Once he's inside, the female wraps her arms and legs around him, the male gets on all fours, and The Sloth commences.
"The Sloth is my favorite sexual position."

"The Sloth is such a workout."

"I defied gravity while doing The Sloth with Karlin last night."
by Kurt Todd January 19, 2006
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